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reactive metabolites

a tool that helps you avoid the test substances that have issues regarding
reactive metabolites

SpotRM+ is a novel expert tool that confronts your ideas of new drug structures with drugs that have serious adverse effects in clinical use, due to reactive metabolites. Running locally on your PC using the Bioclipse platform, SpotRM+ highlights potential hazards in your structure by matching it with a set of carefully selected structural alerts that likely are associated with adverse clinical events.

(The site contains a large number of links to reviews and presentations on awareness/avoidance of reactive metabolites (RM) in drug design.)


  • Alerts are connected to examples of drugs that have the matching alert.
  • Drug examples classified according to the severity of their adverse effects, using a Red/Yellow/Green/ Neutral scale.
  • Concise summaries, heavily cross-referenced, citing literature data and hypotheses regarding RM mechanisms.
  • Large selection of links to web-based information, such as literature references, LiverTox db, DailyMed, and more.
  • Micro-reviews that put most common RM mechanisms into context.
  • DEMO version is available

The most prominent feature of SpotRM+ is the wealth of information linked to each alert, some of which is bound to be new to you and may well be an eye-opener.

In summary, SpotRM+ is a unique expert database that delivers:

  • A comprehensive compilation of structural features that are believed to be involved in the clinical symptoms of problem drugs.
  • Unprecedented, easy access to the most relevant information on structural alerts and reported evidence of their involvement.

SpotRM+ is a plug-in to the Bioclipse platform, which also features a number of other plug-ins useful in drug design and ADMET work.

Below is a brief outline of the search and display functionalities which, however, does not show the latest functions for key-word, substructure and similarity searches. Watch the video to see these.


Basic Usage



reactive metabolites

reactive metabolites