September 2020

A brand new application, SpotRM Web replaces the desktop version SpotRM+.

Number of drug examples have been increased to 330+

Several smarts have been fine-tuned and monographs have been updated.

June 2020

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding SpotRM!

Archived News
July 2018

SpotRM+ Version 1.3 released:

Version 1.3 vs. 1.2:
Number of drug examples: 298 vs. 281

Number of monographs (PDF summary sheets): 126 vs. 122
Number of SMARTS: 66 vs. 65
In addition,

    • Updates/addition of literature references
    • Most Mechanism in Context documents expanded
    • Corrections to consistent layout

Compare to first update: Version 1.2 (released 2017) vs. V.1.1:
Number of drug examples: 281 vs. 268

Number of monographs (PDF summary sheets): 122 vs. 116
Number of SMARTS: 65 vs. 64
In addition, a number of updates/addition of literature references and expanded contents

April 2018

A 23-page Perspective paper “Systematic Approach to Organizing Structural Alerts for Reactive Metabolite Formation from Potential Drugs” by A Claesson and A Minidis was published in Chemical Research in Toxicology 2018.

June 2017

Awametox (via Alf Claesson) presented a poster with the title “Validated Structural Alerts for Reactive Metabolites” at the 1st RSC Anglo-Nordic Medicinal Chemistry Symposium, 11th-14th June 2017, Snekkersten, Denmark.

Link to the program is here